Awang asks Aisyah to apologise and repent

| March 22, 2015
Awang asks Aisyah to apologise and repent

Otherwise putusan aisyahresenter will be viewed as pro-DAP and liberal, say Utusan editors

KUALA LUMPUR: Aisyah Tajudin, featured in the controversial BFM video on hudud, should apologise and repent for insulting Islam, editors of the Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia said today in their weekly column.

Awang Selamat, the collective pseudonym for the paper’s editors, said that if Aisyah did not, she would be viewed as supporting the ideology of the DAP, which opposes Islamic law and hudud criminal justice, and trying to win support from liberals.

The columnist said the satirical video, in comparing hudud and nasi lemak, was extremely rude (biadap).

If she did not understand Islam, she should remain quiet, Awang said.

The radio station must take full responsibility for the matter, even though it had taken down the video and had made a public apology. Aisyah should do likewise, Awang said, adding that she could not fault those who criticised her or made threatening comments.

She had brought it upon herself, Awang said. Neither she nor BFM could wash their hands of the matter