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SALAM to the world.

We are an R&D Unit of an Islamic NGO in Malaysia. A small number of members whom are seriously doing studies of the future of human being on the earth. The main Objectives of our activities are to establish an overall understanding between people of all region, races and religions to leave in peace and harmony applying the true and original concept and principle of the holy Qur’an, the latest of all Holy Books from the people’s God, Allah the Almighty.

As clearly advised by the Holy Quran, We are totally against war, terrorism, brutality and violence, which are extensively and freely practiced by most of the conflicting countries and people on earth now. All the statement about the above issues mentioned in Al-Quran have been perceived wrongly and manipulated by many conflicting parties including by the Muslims themselves.

As a matter of fact, Jew (Yehudi), Christian (Nasrani) and Islam are all come from a single origin, from the same series of al-Kitab (Holly Books) as messages from GOD, Allah the Almighty. The only different is that Torah (Taurat) being released first, Old Testament conveyed through our Prophet Musa and currently hold by the Jews; Injil (Bible) – New Testament, conveyed through our Prophet Isa and hold by the Christians followed improvising Taurat. These two so-called Al-Kitabs are only served to form up ONE SAMPLE or PROTOTYPE community, a group of people called Israel (Bani Israel) meant to compare a community formed up through ONE understanding and ruling as compared to those without guidance from Allah the Almighty (so called Firaun).

However, Allah the Almighty wants His ONLY ONE Religion to serve all people instead of only serving Bani Israel. Therefore Alquran is released, to upgrade the previous two Al-Kitabs through our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. to suit all mankind on the earth to leave peacefully as ONE nation or community or Ummah (what ever you want to call it), through only ONE COMMON UNDERSTANDING AND RULING.

Our findings revealed that all the three Al-Kitabs which carry the most valuable messages must be read with THE SAME CODE BREAKING as God has created His messages in such a manner that we all need to DE-CODE the coded messages. Otherwise, we will not be able to understand, accept and believe that all THE THREE HOLY BOOKS (AL-KITABS) carry the same messages and as a result creates misunderstanding, conflicting and finally failed to implement the message wisely.

What happens now is that ALL the Taurat, Injil and Al-Quran followers have missed the CODE BREAKINGS while reading them. As a result, it has been wrongly read, thinking that each of the Al-Kitab is carrying different messages (Risalah). That is a very wrong understanding as all the three were actually originated from the same Source, i.e. Allah the Almighty and should therefore be able to call people to unite.

We hope that our little but precious effort could bring up serious reform to the people’s perceptions about the three major conflicting religions and in the end, we could together enjoy life in peace and harmony.

We humbly and seriously call everybody to stop DESTROYING the earth by bombing, stop killing, slaughtering, and torturing innocent people immediately. We offer our research findings for everybody irrespective of their race, religion, country and political believe.

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  1. As salam Warga Prihatin!

    Website baru lebih segar dan banyak informasi…

    Semoga terus berjaya maju dan usaha sentiasa di BerkatiNya…


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